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Picture of 2013 Wachau Smaragd Loibner Traminer Knoll 500ml

2013 Wachau Smaragd Loibner Traminer Knoll 500ml

Type: White
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Emmerich Knoll III, an exhuberent spokesperson for the Wachau region, farms the family’s 15 hectares of land and crafts wines that clearly express the Unterloiben terroir where some of Austria's most famous vineyards live. This family-run winery is a treasure that has been estate owned and operated for over three generations. "Smaragd" is a definition for the best and most valuable wines of the Wachau.


* Size: 500
* Vintage: 2013
* Producer: Knoll
* Region: Niederosterreich
* Subregion: Wachau
* Variety: Traminer
* Farming: Sustainable

* The labels organic, biodynamic, sustainable, natural and traditional that are listed here, are based on our best understanding of the producers' farming practices and do not represent or claim to be a certification of any kind.