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Picture of  2011 Macon-Cruzille Les Perrieres Domaine Gulloit Broux

2011 Macon-Cruzille Les Perrieres Domaine Gulloit Broux

Type: White
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Winemaker Emmanuel Guillot-Broux makes quintessential high quality Chardonnay. The vines are on eastern facing slopes that mainly consist of clay and limestone with a subsoil of compact blue clay. The dense planting of the vines increases competition between them, making the fruit of each grape highly concentrated. Perriers spends 18 months in old oak barrels in the lees. Bottled without fining or filtration. Minimal use of sulfur. The shallow soil of this vineyard gives the wine a lively and mineral side, with incredible elegance.


* Size: 750
* Vintage: 2011
* Producer: Domaine Guillot-Broux
* Subregion: Maconnais
* Farming: Natural

* The labels organic, biodynamic, sustainable, natural and traditional that are listed here, are based on our best understanding of the producers' farming practices and do not represent or claim to be a certification of any kind.