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Paris in March: Restaurants, markets, wine shops and the “Domaines Familieux de Bourgogne” Tasting

Every March, the prestigious association of Burgundian family owned wine estates, Domaines Famileux de Borgogne, hold their annual tasting in Paris, where they present their current vintage to a group of collectors, specialized press and wine professionals.

For Eli the event is not only an opportunity to revisit wines that he had tasted in barrel the previous year, is also the time see old friends and get acquainted to new faces and names in the business.


The end of March is also a great moment to visit Paris. Spring is just starting to sprung, new produce is making its way to the markets and restaurant menus and the always dynamic wine bar scene seems to revive with the warmer weather.

A Belon oyster with some caviar and crème fraiche was the perfect way to start lovely dinner in one of our favorite spots in Paris, 6 Paul Bert.

Oyster in Paris

With our main courses the wine list offered a few nice surprises. A nicely aged Vosne-Romanee from Mugneret-Gibourg was just right.

Paul Bert