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Picture of  2013 Champagne Extra Brut "Partition - 7 Parcelles" Seleque

2013 Champagne Extra Brut "Partition - 7 Parcelles" Seleque

Type: Sparkling
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importer Vintage 59:

"Seven barrels from seven vineyard sites, always the same sites each year. The blend is dominated by Chardonnay, with Meunier and Pinot Noir (percentages for each year are on the back label).

Ageing on the lees is for four to five years. Beginning with the 2010 vintage, this ageing is done in bottle with a cork closure rather than with the typical beer cap closure (Jacquesson also ages on cork). A cork allows more of an exchange of oxygen in the beginning before the secondary fermentation begins, but once that begins and the pressure builds up within a bottle, a cork becomes less permeable than a cap. The end result is a more textured and more complex wine.

Partition is bottled without fining or filtration. Production is 125 cases.

The vineyard sites are as follows: Les Frileux in Epernay gives Chardonnay; Moque-Bouteille in Dizy gives Chardonnay; La Justice in Vertus gives Chardonnay; Basses Ronces in Mardeuil gives Chardonnay; Les Porgeons, Les Gouttes d'Or, and Les Gayères in Pierry give, respectively, Chardonnay, Meunier, and Pinot Noir."


* Size: 750
* Vintage: 2013
* Producer: Seleque
* Region: Champagne
* Subregion: Coteaux Sud D'Epernay
* Variety: 72% Chardonnay 14% Meunier 14% Pinot Noir
* Farming: Sustainable

* The labels organic, biodynamic, sustainable, natural and traditional that are listed here, are based on our best understanding of the producers' farming practices and do not represent or claim to be a certification of any kind.