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Picture of  2011 Vin Jaune de l'Etoile Domaine Montbourgeau

2011 Vin Jaune de l'Etoile Domaine Montbourgeau

Type: White
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The Vin Jaune of Montbourgeau is produced (as is tradition) from late harvest Savagnin grapes.  After fermentation the wine is racked into foudres (30 hectoliter size) and then, after six months, racked again into smaller barrels.  The “voile” appears and the wine is left for at least seven years to age in barrel before being declared “Vin Jaune” and being bottled.

The “Jaune” of Montbourgeau is more high-toned than the Jaunes of Puffeney and Gahier, less broad perhaps but more fine, a clear reflection of the appellation of L’Etoile.


* Size: 620
* Vintage: 2011
* Producer: Montbourgeau
* Region: Jura
* Subregion: L'Etoile
* Variety: Savagnin
* Farming: Organic

* The labels organic, biodynamic, sustainable, natural and traditional that are listed here, are based on our best understanding of the producers' farming practices and do not represent or claim to be a certification of any kind.